Melissa Free

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Our story so far

Being a very anxious and highly nervous person throughout most of my teens, I finally decided in my early 30’s that enough was enough and I was going to take control of my life. I needed to sort myself out for my family – especially my boys!

I visited my trusted GP who suggested psychologist visits to deal with the anxiety that was becoming crippling to everyday life. These visits didn’t really help, and so daily medication was prescribed. I took the meds, and after a few weeks, felt like a different person, however, if I forgot to take them daily, my moods would become erratic, I would suffer from severe headaches, and my anxiety returns to where it previously was.

Being a busy person, I was not reliable enough to remember to take a tablet every day!

I began researching natural solutions for anxiety and came across a video talking about doTERRA’s Balance blend. It sounded like exactly what I needed to change my life in a natural way.

I am not someone who jumps in half-arsed, so not only did I order balance on my enrolment order with doTERRA, I also ordered the Home Essentials Kit to make over all of the products in my home!

I haven’t looked back since making that first order, and accidentally fell into this business because my love of these oils is so strong – everyone needs to know how amazing they are!!

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  • SPORT WELLNESS BOX has arrived on my doorstep!! I will
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  • Womens Wellness Community Event Sunday 3rd March  10am
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