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How to get yourself some oils and join as a wholesale customer!

Ideally, I’d love you to contact me first so we can discuss what you need and what wellness package would be best suited.

You can contact me on my email or facebook.
My Wellness Advocate Number is: 3595961

If choosing the $35 option to create your own package, then select the $35 option and then select the products you want to add to your order.

If all that is too hard and you just want to fill out the membership form and email it to me,  then download the Wholesale Membership form and email it back to lifeloveoils@yahoo.com

You just tick the kit that you want – or – tick the $35 WA option on the form if you want to create your own kit and then write the oils on the form that you want.

Please note all the oils you choose will be at the wholesale price.

Here is how you buy as a wholesale member. 

Just log onto my doTERRA website by clicking JOIN ONLINE NOW

Select – JOIN & SAVE

Choose your language & Postal Location and select Local (OTG) Order

My Wellness Advocate Number is: 3595961

If choosing a pre-made kit, then select the kit you desire.

Option 1 – Choose your starter kit.

doTERRA has created some amazing wellness packages. The membership fee of $35 is waived with a pre-made enrolment kit purchase.

Check the Shop Tab for the different enrolment kits you can buy and get started with.

With all options, you will receive your own online wholesale wellness account and membership with 25% off future purchases. You will get me as a mentor, and my team of leaders & supporters as extra support too.

You will be added to our team essential oil Facebook group which is a secret group (hidden from view or searches). It is a safe place to share, educate, and collaborate together in our team.

You will also be able to participate in our monthly wellness freebies as a loyalty rewards member – This is called LRP – and we will discuss that when you are ready to replace the oils you have used or when you are ready to try a new product.

It is by far the smartest way to buy oils with your membership. It is also totally optional and you are not at all tied down to any contracts – You can cancel at any time. But seriously, why would you!


Option 2 – Create your own wellness kit!

You choose the oils you want in your own kit.

You can invest in a $35 membership option and then create your own wellness package (instead of choosing a pre-made wellness kit)

You will still get all the same benefits with this option as you would with the pre-made wellness kits.

You will still be a team member, and be able to access all of the monthly promotions. *Remember all of your future purchases will be wholesale prices, so make sure you pay special attention to the wholesale price list if you are printing off the price list below.

Becoming A ‘Member’ Is Not A Scary Thing!

When you become a wholesale member, you have access to the following:

  • 12 months access to being a wholesale member (25% less than retail prices).
  • Pay the least per bottle for the essential oils you use & love!
  • Option to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • Option to receive 10-30% of future purchases back in product points.
  • Option to receive 100% of your shipping costs back in product points.
  • Option to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month, EVERY single month.
  • Option to earn compensation and bonuses if you wish to share with others.
  • Optional $25 yearly renewal fee, which comes with a FREE bottle of Peppermint as a thank you.

When you become a wholesale member, you also receive

Compulsory support from me.

You will receive a jam-packed welcome pack with information about doTERRA oils, product samples, and some other goodies.

You will be added to private Facebook groups for support and constant oil education, and you will receive a FREE wellness consult when your oils arrive.

I do not allow you to spend this money on these amazing gifts of the Earth, and then not know how to use them.

I will educate you, I will help you make some blends that you will use, and we will keep in touch so that you are confident in using your oils for the reasons that you purchased them for in the first place!!

Loyalty Rewards Program (or LRP)

doTERRA allows you to participate in a Loyalty Program (LRP) that rewards you for making monthly purchases. By placing an order on the LRP program, you earn product credit points that can be used to redeem doTERRA products – Free products?? Yes, please!!

The longer that you stay on the program, the more credits you can earn – up to 30% of your total monthly purchases!!

The rewards program is absolutely optional, and you can cancel it at any time. It is a great opportunity to restock oils that you run out of, or to purchase new oils that you haven’t yet tried or that are on your wish list!

If you place your LRP order between 2nd-15th of the month, and your order totals at least 125PV, you will receive a FREE oil! This is known as the FREE Product of the Month (POM), and the free oil changes monthly.

When you place an LRP order, you also receive your shipping cost back in free points. So if you are charged $7.95 for shipping, you will receive 8 points credited to your account to redeem later on free products.

Get Your Oils Paid For

Do you love your oils so much that you rave about them to friends, family or even random people that you chat to?!

Do you process a 100PV order every month?

Did you know that you could be getting your oils for free, or part of them paid for each month?

All you need to do is share your oily love!

You can do this so simply by introducing your friends and family to the oils, chatting with them about what you use your oils for, and what success you have had. If they love the sounds of what you tell them, they can either join up as a member, or they can come along to a class. Even better is if you get a group of friends or family together and I can come and run a class for you!!
You will earn firstly on their initial membership order, and also the following months if they continue to order and love the oils as much as we all do!

Enroll a new member.

Enrolling is really easy.

If they don’t want to come to a class, they can enroll online.

The commission is earnt at the rate of 20% of the PV of their enrolment order. You will also earn 20% commission from them in the second month if they place an order the following month to joining.

Just to give you an example of commission you can earn – if you share with 2 friends who each purchase a Home Essentials Kit and FCO, you will earn $50 per person enrolled, totaling $100 commission all for you! This will be credited straight to your doTERRA account and be available for you to put against a future order, or simply save!

All you need to do to earn that commission is place a 100PV order every month. You will then have MONEY (known as ‘AR balance’) put into your doTERRA account which you can use against your future orders – easy peasy!!

Sometimes just casually sharing like this is enough to pay for a larger order, and even more!